Down vs. Feather September 22 2014, 0 Comments

     One of the most frequent questions we get asked by customers is, "why should I spend this much on a pillow or comforter?" And the answer is simple. You want to be sleeping on, or under, goose down. What most people do not realize, is that if you buy down comforters or pillows elsewhere, you are often getting a product that is only 75% goose down, the remaining 25% being feather filler.

So, does it really matter?

     Yes, it does. The feather on a duck or goose is located on their outer covering. These feathers have quills, which often poke out of a pillow or comforter. Feather is less expensive and often best used for euro pillows or decorative pillows because they make them firmer and offers more support. Down on the other hand, is underneath this outer covering, usually on the belly of the bird. Instead of a feather which is heavy, down is light and fluffy, helping the birds insulate themselves.  


What exactly is down?

     Down is nature's best insulate. It keeps you warm and cozy in the winter, while remaining light and breathable in warmer weather. Our Scandia Home products use only premium down from mature birds that have the best down clusters. As the down expands and fluffs, it creates thousands of tiny warmth pockets which trap air and body heat, keeping you comfortable while remaining lightweight. 


     As you look at our product descriptions, one of the things to look for is the "fill power" of down. Fill power is used to measure the size of the down clusters and can help you determine the quality of the down. The size of the clusters determines how much the down can expand and fluff. It is the air between the clusters that keeps you warm- so this is very important. Essentially- the larger the clusters of down, the higher the fill power. As you go up in fill power, you get more warmth with much less weight. You may be asking, "Does this mean that if I buy a higher fill power I will be roasting when I sleep?" And the answer is no- because the fill power is higher, it requires less ounces of down. So the 600 fill power all-season comforter will be the same warmth as the 750 fill power comforter.

     *** In the image below, each container is filled with 10 ounces of down. But since the quality and fill power is different, the higher fill power on the right is able to loft and take up more space, compared to the lower fill power down on the left.